Jan 07th, 2018

Google Introduce Rich Results Testing Tool

SEO experts who wish to target rich snippets, rich cards and other rich content – the small content elements that are featured at the very top of the first pages of search results – now have access to a new tool that will make their task a little easier: Google’s Rich Results Testing Tool. It will eventually be capable of testing for all the different types of structured data that can be displayed as rich results but currently only provides results for movies, courses, recipes and jobs.

The new tool can be used in much the same way as all of the search engine giant’s existing website analysis tools: simply enter the relevant URL, submit and wait for the results. The Rich Results Testing Tool will highlight any invalid code that it finds while analysing both static and dynamic content on your pages (searching data sources including Microdata, RDFA and JSON-LD), and will provide you with an accurate image of how your pages will be displayed in Google’s search results.


Assuming that you are happy with the results of your tests, you can then submit the pages in question to Google’s database, directly from the app.

About the author

Michael Holder

A specialist in Google Ads, and with a wide range of SEO skills and experience, Michael has a particular interest in Local SEO strategies for small to medium sized businesses. When Michael is not working hard increasing conversions for clients Paid Advertising campaigns he enjoys traveling, dining out and watching Formula 1 and football.