Jul 31st, 2018

Google Officially Confirms Its Broad Algorithm Update in August

Google has now confirmed that it released a broad core update to its search algorithm around the beginning of August, which many figures in the SEO industry suspected after noticing dramatic gains and losses in website ranking positions. Some webmasters seem to be overjoyed by the update whereas others have reported their rankings have been unfairly hurt.

As usual, Google is telling us very little about how the update specifically affects search engine optimisation, but it has said that your primary focus should be on building high-quality content, which is similar to what it said after releasing its core algorithm update in March.

Back in March, Danny Sullivan, the search liaison for Google, tweeted: “As with any update, some sites may note drops or gains. There’s nothing wrong with pages that may now perform less well. Instead, it’s that changes to our systems are benefiting pages that were previously under-rewarded….”

He then added: “There’s no “fix” for pages that may perform less well other than to remain focused on building great content. Over time, it may be that your content may rise relative to other pages.”

All we know for certain is that the update has caused a major shift in Google’s core rankings, and, as the search giant has stated, there are no quick fixes to earn back the top spots on the search results pages except to continue concentrating on creating high-quality content.

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