Feb 08th, 2018

Google Search Console Available for All Websites Now

The vast majority of interested parties will, of course, already be familiar with the search engine giant’s suite of tools for webmasters, marketing executives and SEO professionals but if you are not, you can check out a beginner’s guide online, to get you up to speed.

The big news today for users of the latest version of the Google Search Console beta, which was released in a limited format in January, is that it can now be used with all websites, according to an announcement this week from Mountain View. One of the most exciting aspects of the recently released beta, as far as SEO professionals and their clients are concerned, is the fact it provides access to 16 months of search data: a far larger sample than the 3 months previously available.

In addition to providing access to more data and now being available for all websites, the latest version of the Google Search Console beta incorporates various changes that are a direct response to feedback received from existing users. Bearing in mind the fact it is still a beta version, it is safe to assume there will be more changes in the future. Some of the data that can be accessed from the original version of the platform has not yet been migrated over and there are sure to be more functional refinements in store too.

Users affected by data errors in AMP reports in recent weeks will be pleased to learn that Google is addressing these anomalies and should have resolved them by the end of the week.

If you are having issues with how Google is crawling your website, check out our post on how to deal with crawl errors in Google Search Console.

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