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Oct 20th, 2019

Social Media Marketing Tips that Deliver Results

Whether you are in the process of putting together a brand new social media marketing campaign or you want to tweak your existing strategy to make it more effective, the tips in this article will help you to achieve your social media content marketing goals in 2020.

A well-designed social media marketing campaign is an important component of any comprehensive search engine optimisation strategy as it can increase awareness of your brand and drive traffic to your website. For these reasons, we recommend studying each tip carefully, to indentify the ones that will be most effective for your organisation.

Garnered from our top social media experts, each tip has been field tested and proven to work in a variety of market sectors.

Clarify Your Primary Goals

In order for your social media campaign to be effective, you need to know exactly what you are trying to achieve with it. Are you only interested in driving more traffic to your corporate website? Are you keen to make more people aware of your brand and what it has to offer? Would you like to be seen as more approachable by connecting with potential customers in a more immediate fashion?

Start your new social media plan by making a list of actionable goals.

Evaluate Your Existing Position

Where are you now? How close are you to reaching the goals that you have identified? Have you found certain techniques or platforms that work well for your company or are you still searching for a breakthrough that will turn your social media strategy around?

Measuring the gap between where you are now and where you want to be will help you to focus on those areas that require the most attention. An SEO expert can provide an objective opinion so do not shy away from seeking professional assistance when evaluating your current position.

Identify Your Target Audience

In order to connect with an audience, you need to know who they are so you can craft social media content that speaks directly to them. Consider who it is that you wish to speak to and what their primary interest in your company is likely to be. What can your products or services do for them? What problems can you solve for them?

Include any targeted content you need to create in your content marketing editorial calendar to ensure that it is written and delivered in a timely manner.

Choose Your Platforms

If you have followed the previous tips, you will now know what you are trying to achieve, how much progress you have made so far and who you are targeting with your social media content. Armed with this information, you should now be in a better position to decide which social media platforms will best serve your purpose.

YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter all have their strengths and weaknesses, with some being more suited to certain types of social media content marketing than others.

Appoint a Social Media Campaign Manager

Collaboration is a useful tool when identifying goals, evaluating progress and putting together an actionable plan but management by committee is rarely an effective approach. Appoint an experienced campaign manager from within your workforce or hire a social media marketing expert to run the campaign on your behalf.

Your social media marketing team needs a manager to motivate and organise them: they need to know they are accountable.

Provide a Unified, Cohesive Experience

If you decide to use more than one platform for your social media campaign, and in most cases this will prove to be the most effective choice, you need to ensure that you take a cohesive approach and present your target audience with one voice, one brand image. Your Instagram content and your Facebook posts, for example, need to use the same tone and promote the same ideals.

There are many online marketing specialists offering SEO services that cover social media marketing, including ourselves, so don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help if your own team lacks the experience, or simply does not have the time to ensure your social media content is unified, cohesive and focused on attaining the same goals.

Make Full Use of Your Multimedia Resources

Videos, images and audio content have a far greater impact than the written word alone, which is why it is essential to make full use of any and all multimedia resources at your disposal. If you have created memorable corporate videos, showcasing your products and services, use them in your social media campaign to grab the attention of your target audience.

Your online marketing campaign should always include written content, for search engine optimisation purposes, but it will be much more effective when paired with well-produced multimedia content.

Focus on Quality, not Quantity

There is a very real temptation to make dozens of posts every day when you are trying to get a new social media marketing campaign off the ground but this is rarely the best way to get yourself noticed. Social media in Australia remains very popular and continues to grow in many areas but people are becoming more selective about what they read and who they follow.

Quality content attracts a larger audience; making multiple low-quality posts on a daily basis will have the opposite effect.

Follow the Leaders

There is no shame in taking ideas from your competitors, quite the opposite in fact. If their social media campaigns are more successful than yours, it would be short-sighted to ignore this reality and plough ahead with strategies that have proven to be less successful over time.

Study what your nearest competitors are doing and emulate their most successful strategies.

Be Consistent

This tip is closely related to the one above on creating a cohesive experience but should be considered separately. Being cohesive entails using the same voice over all your social media platforms whereas being consistent requires you to resist the temptation to keep changing that voice.

If the corporate voice you are currently using is not effective then by all means change it but once you find the right voice for your company and brand image, be consistent.

Engage with Your Audience

Perhaps the biggest advantage that social media has to offer over other forms of online marketing is the ability it gives you to interact directly with your target audience.

As an SEO company with an excellent record of achievement and many years of experience, we believe that a comprehensive SEO strategy should include many different elements of online marketing but there is no doubt that when it comes to engaging with existing and potential customers, social media is one of the most effective tools at your disposal.

There are many ways to engage with audiences on social media platforms so you may need to experiment initially but you will eventually find the ones that work best in your industry.

Resist the Urge to Employ Traditional Sales Tactics

Whether there is still a place for traditional sales tactics on the Internet is up for debate but most experts agree that the one place they should not be used is on social media platforms.

People who follow your corporate Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Instagram accounts are already interested in whatever it is that you have to offer, what they really want is to have a conversation with you and to be heard. Give them what they want and they will be far more likely to continue following you and become loyal customers.

Create Content That Your Audience Wants

This might sound like an obvious tip but you would be surprised just how many companies focus on creating the kind of content they want to create instead of finding out what their target audience actually wants and focusing on that instead.

Give your followers what they want and your audience will grow.

Link to Other Content

Facebook and Twitter are great platforms for short pieces of written content and videos but they are not designed to host lengthy articles and in-depth video reviews/demonstrations. If you create interesting full-length blog posts or videos that you think your followers will want to see, link to them from your social media posts.

Use social media platforms to direct traffic to specific content on your website that will be of interest to your target audience.

Follow Social Media Accounts That Focus on Your Market Sector

Your primary point of contact with prospective customers will be your own social media accounts but don’t miss the opportunity to interact with interested parties who post questions on other accounts.

Follow social media accounts that discuss topics related to your industry and especially the products or services that your company offers.

Measure Your Performance

Make use of social media performance metrics to gauge the effectiveness of both individual posts and your overall campaign strategy. When the national government is measuring the effectiveness of social media, you know that it is something you should have been doing for a long time already!

If you do not have the right tools to measure your performance or you are unsure how to use them, consult an SEO expert to make sure you are pursuing the most potent social media tactics available.

Adjust Your Approach if Necessary

Being consistent and cohesive is important but only if the tactics and voice you are employing have proven to be successful. If your performance metrics highlight any deficiencies in your approach, you need to make adjustments as soon as possible.

It is much easier to establish a credible social media presence from scratch than it is to transform a poorly thought out one. The sooner you act to correct any errors, the easier your task will be. Take advantage of our social media SEO services if you do not have the in-house expertise to achieve this goal by yourself.

Interact with Influencers

If there are established influencers in your industry, who have a large following on social media platforms and command respect from their audience, make an effort to connect with them and convince them that your company has something to offer their followers.

Established influencers with a large following can reach more people more quickly than you can, especially if you are still building your social media presence.

Monitor Trends

Keep an eye on the latest trends on the various social media platforms that you employ and if you identify any that are aligned with your own strategy and market sector, utilise them to gain more exposure. This technique can be especially effective for companies that rely on local SEO tactics to attract customers and increase brand awareness.

Be selective when choosing which trends to follow and never compromise on your core message simply to take advantage of a popular movement.

Hire Professional Content Creators

Whether you use an outside agency or employ writers directly, your social media content will be far more effective if it is crafted by experienced professionals. Many companies make the mistake of tasking employees with little or no experience to write their social media content and it rarely works out well for them.

You only get one chance to make a good impression with each post that you publish so make sure you do not waste that chance. Hire experienced writers or work with an established SEO company, do whatever it takes to ensure that you make the most of the opportunities social media has to offer.

Organise Enticing Contests

One of the best ways to persuade people to interact with you on social media platforms is to run contests that give them the chance to win appealing prizes. This is one of the most cost effective ways to increase your follower count too so take advantage of it if at all possible.

Hopefully you now have a much better idea of how to promote your company via social media platforms. If you still have questions about the topic or you would like us to put together an effective campaign strategy for you, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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