May 17th, 2018

Google Issue Final Warning Regarding Its HTTPS Update

From October 2018, Google Chrome and all other Chrome-based browsers will highlight unsecure websites by displaying a red icon with the words “Not Secure” next to the URL at the top of the browser. At the moment, secure websites display a green lock icon and the word “Secure” next to the URL, but that will soon disappear because it’s the new expected standard for all websites.

With our vast experience and knowledge, we know what’s required to make sure your website attracts visitors and retains them, and we can guarantee that your website needs to be secure before the changes to Google Chrome are rolled out this coming October.

Why Google Is Making This Change

In the not so distant past, only ecommerce sites were expected to be secure to prove that they could handle payments safely. However, as more and more people are becoming wary of malicious spyware and viruses, HTTPS, which shows that a website is secure, is becoming essential. Already, many people won’t visit websites that aren’t secured with HTTPS, so you can imagine how many potential customers could be deterred from visiting your website if Google prominently highlights it as “Not Secure.”

This update will be rolled out in two stages. In September of this year, Chrome will no longer feature a green lock icon or the word “Secure” next to URLs. As mentioned above, this is because all webmasters and businesses are expected to secure their site using HTTPS as standard. Then, from October onwards, unsecured websites will essentially be named and shamed, which could lead to increased bounce rates, a lower SEO ranking and lots of lost sales opportunities.

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