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Google Soon to Release It’s Highly Anticipated Mobile Page Speed Update

Google has confirmed that its long-awaited Speed Update for mobile devices will be released later this year. In July, webmasters will for the first time have to have to factor mobile page loading speed when optimising their websites.

Loading speed as a ranking factor was introduced in 2010, but it only applied to desktop searches. Now, as mobile search becomes increasingly dominant, you’ll need to make sure your mobile website loads as quickly as possible.

Who Will Google’s Speed Update Affect?

Google has stated that only the slowest mobile pages will be affected by the July update, and that “great, relevant content” can still rank highly in spite of loading slowly. Regardless, improving your mobile site’s loading speed removes the risk of harming your search ranking.

For now, Google says the Speed Update doesn’t apply to desktops and that slow mobile page speeds won’t lower your desktop search ranking.

How Can I Improve Mobile Page Speed?

Google recommends using tools such as LightHouse and the recently updated PageSpeed Insights to analyse and improve loading times. However, smaller sites may not have access to the speed portion of the PageSpeed Insights report because the Chrome Browser currently lacks the data to provide reliable results, though all websites have access to the optimisation scores.

Don’t Sacrifice Quality to Optimise Page Speed

The Speed Update is intended to encourage webmasters to consider how page speed affects a user’s experience, but ranking factors associated with content quality will still carry the most weight. If you want to find out how Smart Traffic can improve mobile page speed while providing informative and engaging content, then don’t hesitate to call us on 02 8205 3133.

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