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Adelaide All Glass

Adelaide All Glass specialise in pool fencing, glass balustrades and splashbacks, serving Adelaide and the surrounding areas.

The Campaign Objectives

Adelaide All Glass are an SME company operating in a highly competitive industry in the Adelaide area.

We were tasked to achieve the campaign objectives within a tight timeframe of 3 months to make sure the website was in pole position after the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions were eased.

The objectives of the campaign were:

  • Achieve first position in google.com.au organic rankings for the main Adelaide keywords
  • Increase organic traffic
  • Increase enquiries

The Strategy

We used a combination of technical onsite, content development and an offsite link building strategy. This included:

  • Fully auditing and improving the site with an emphasis on mobile indexing.
  • Content development for the main target pages, adding relevance and unique information.
  • Utilising and optimising Google My Business for greater local presence and accessibility.
  • Outreaching to highly relevant blogs that were authorities on subjects that overlapped with our clients industry. We wrote guest posts for their sites in return for natural links back to our client’s site.

The Results

Within 3 months, during the Covid-19 lockdown, we achieved:

  • 1st position in Google.com.au for 9 of the keywords
  • Double the amount of traffic
  • An increase in users, new users and sessions


frameless balustrades Adelaide21
frameless glass balustrades Adelaide31
frosted glass pool fencing Adelaide>2001
glass balustrades cost Adelaide21
glass balustrades prices Adelaide61
glass balustrades quote Adelaide31
glass balustrades repairs Adelaide11
glass panel balustrades Adelaide31
safe glass balustrades Adelaide41
secure glass balustrades Adelaide21
glass balustrades Adelaide72
residential glass balustrades Adelaide42
commercial glass balustrades Adelaide63
frameless pool glass Adelaide53
semi frameless balustrades Adelaide43
semi frameless pool fencing Adelaide53
install glass balustrades Adelaide104


Users, New Users & Sessions

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